National American Eagle Day

National American Eagle Day, observed on June 20 every year, honours our national bird while promoting bald eagle preservation. The day also promotes educational outreach while supporting restoring their natural environments.

The Bald Eagle, depicted on the American Seal, is the national bird and animal of the United States of America.

The Bald Eagle was in danger of going extinct in the North American continent in the late 20th century. Populations eventually grew again, and on July 12, 1995, the life forms were moved from the List of Threatened Species to the List of Endangered Species by the U.S. Federal Government. The American Eagle was removed from the List of Endangered Species in June 2007 as the species proceeded to thrive.

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A National Symbol

A bald eagle is shown carrying an olive offshoot in its right talon and 13 arrows in its left on the front of the United States Great Seal. The 13 arrows represent the original 13 states, and the olive branch and crossbows represent the United States’ dedication to peace and readiness for war.

Most official the U.S. public records use this seal edge, regarded as the country’s coat of arms.

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Why is it called American Eagle Day?

American Eagle Day is celebrated to honour the United States national bird and celebrate the patriotism of all Americans. The day’s goal is to raise awareness about protecting endangered species and preventing their extinction.

Several organisations worked tirelessly to remove the species from the list of endangered species after it had been listed for a few decades due to population decline. The day’s purpose is to raise environmental consciousness so that this won’t happen again.

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How to celebrate National American Eagle Day?


  • Share the word on social media about this important day.
  • If you reside in a location where Bald Eagles (or even Golden Eagles) congregate, you might want to think about adding a few trees to your yard. A tree can also be given to a nearby park.
  • Consider contributing time or money to any additional eagle conservation projects your community works on, such as building high nesting platforms.

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Businesses can observe this day in the same ways that people do:

  • Parks with eagle stops should receive trees as donations.
  • Participate in the construction of nesting platforms.
  • When employees make donations to wildlife conservation efforts.

The birds gain, and your business does too. Your business cultivates a positive reputation among its workers and the neighbourhood. The birds win because more money is spent ensuring they can continue to live safely and in freedom.

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