Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King was an American Baptist minister and activist who was one of the most influential leaders in the civil rights movement.

People celebrate his birthday in the form of Martin Luther King day on the third Monday of January every year. He was born in 1929 on January 15.

The occasion is like occasions set under the Uniform Monday Occasion Act. The earliest Monday for this occasion is January 15, and the most recent is January 21.

This is marked as an allied holiday in the United States.

People celebrate this day as Martin Luther King day represents the life and work of Dr King. Individuals are urged to utilize the day to “think about the standards of racial fairness and peaceful social change embraced by Dr.” Rallies and marches, and speeches by politicians and civil rights leaders follow the holiday on Martin Luther King’s day’s birthday.

Martin Luther King Jr. day is celebrated in the United States by everyone. Other than this country, Martin Luther King Jr. day is celebrated in Hiroshima, Japan.

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History of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was born in Georgia, United States, on January 15 1929. Micheal Luther King Jr. kept his name, but later his name changed to Martin.

His grandfather served as a minister in charge of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He served there from 1914 to 1931. After that, King Jr’s father served from 1931 until his death. After his father’s death, Martin Luther himself began as a co-pastor.

King attended public schools in Georgia and completed high school at fifteen. He acquired his B.A. degree from Morehouse College in 1948.

It was the same college where his father and grandfather acquired their graduation. Following three years of religious review at Crozer

Philosophical Theological College in Pennsylvania, where he was chosen leader of a dominatingly white senior class, he was granted the B.D. in 1951.

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In 1954, Martin Luther Ruler became a minister in charge of the Dexter Road Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. After this, he chosen from the chief board of the National Association for the Progression of Minorities Individuals.

In December 1955, to acknowledge the authority of the principal extraordinary Negro peaceful show of contemporary times in the U.S., the transport blacklist was depicted by Gunnar Jahn in his show discourse out of appreciation for the laureate.


The boycott endured 382 days. On December 21, 1956, after the U.S. High Court had announced illegal regulations requiring isolation on transports, Negroes and whites rode the transports as equivalents.

During these long stretches of boycott, King arrested, his house was bombarded, and he exposed to individual maltreatment, and yet he arose as a Negro head of the main position.

Martin Luther King Jr received the Noble Prize. King was thirty-five then. He was among the youngest men to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

On the evening of April 4, 1968, while remaining in the gallery of his inn room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he to lead a dissent in sympathy for striking poor workers of that city, he got killed.

Achievements and Awards of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King well known for his contributions to the American civil rights movement 1960s until his death. He likewise pushed for peaceful strategies for dissent and coordinated and organized incalculable marches and boycotts.

Following the awards King Jr. received for his achievements:

  1. National Newspaper Publishers Russwurm Award 1957
  2. Guardian Association of the Police Department of New York: Second Annual Achievement Award 1958
  3. United Federation of Teachers: John Dewey Award 1964
  4. Catholic Interracial Council of Chicago: John F. Kennedy Award 1964
  5. Nobel Peace Prize 1964
  6. Margaret Sanger Awards

How and When did Martin Luther King die?

On Thursday, April 4 1968, at 6:05 p.m., Martin Luther King shot dead while standing on his balcony. His balcony was on the second floor at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

Insight about Ruler’s death provoked significant racial viciousness, bringing more than 40 cross-country and broad property harm in the north of 100 American urban communities.

James Lord Beam, a 40-year-old who escaped criminals, later admitted to the wrongdoing and was condemned to a 99-year jail term.

While his funeral performed, the people played a tape recording. In that recorder Martin Luther King’s recorded voice in which King himself spoke about how he wished to remembered by everyone after his death.

He said, “I’d like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life to serve others.”

Martin Luther King’s death was very shocking to his followers. The news of King’s Assassination led to several riots.

The Ruler had shown up in Tennessee on Wednesday, April 3, to get ready for a walk the following Monday for striking Memphis disinfection labourers.

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As he arranged to leave the Lorraine Inn for supper at the home of Memphis to serve Samuel “Billy” Kyles, Ruler ventured out onto the overhang of room 306 to talk with Southern Christian Initiative Gathering (SCLC) partners remaining in the stopping region underneath.

A professional killer discharged a solitary shot that caused extreme injuries to the lower right half of his face. SCLC assistants hurried to him, and Ralph Abernathy supported Ruler’s head.

Others in the gallery directed across the road to the back of a motel on South Central avenue, where the shot appeared to have begun. An emergency vehicle hurried Lord to St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic, where specialists pronounced him dead at 7:05 p.m.

The President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, on April 7 announced a National day of mourning for Luther King Jr. On that day, all the schools, colleges, museums, libraries, public places, shops, businesses, etc., closed.

Also, various award ceremonies, sports events, etc., postponed for a day. On April 8, along with various people, King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, and other family members joined the march.

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Different ways to celebrate Martin Luther king day

The history of the world changed because of the dream Martin Luther King had. He always had the idea of treating everyone in society equally irrespective of their skin tone, which motivated millions of people to work towards the injustice in society.

1. March with us:

People on the day of Martin Luther King Day should join the march with their families. This is necessary because, in March 1963, Martin Luther King organized a march in which 250000 people were there in support of black Americans. So every year, on Martin Luther King day, a march happens to honour and appreciate his good deeds.

2. Sit together and watch his most prominent “I have a dream” speech:

On Martin Luther King Day, every family and every individual to appreciate his selfless work towards society should sit together and watch his famous speech and listen to him deliver in front of many people in front of the Lincoln memorial.

3. Study some of his unknown facts:

On Martin Luther King’s day, many of us were unaware of his facts, so we should try to get this knowledge related to him. He achieved a lot in a concise life.

4. Do art and craft on that day:

If you stuck at home, you can still encourage your children at home, and even elders can join and make specific crafts using the things available at home.

5. Read a piece of his most famous book:

The best way to wrap this day up is by reading a page from his book” I have a dream” while hitting the sack and remembering all his good works and deeds.

Martin Luther King Day 2024

Every year on the third Monday of January, we notice Martin Luther Ruler Jr. Day and ponder the work that should finished for racial correspondence.

This January 16, make the occasion something beyond a vacation day and give a chance to consider and move social liberties issues across the globe.

Martin Luther King day 2024 will also celebrated every year by the people of the United States. People do marching, talk, remember his struggles, do social work for the nation, etc.

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At last, he is an important figure in the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. is an excellent example of an extraordinary leader who significantly impacts his followers.

He included confidence, communication skill, support, leadership, etc. King Jr. treated all his followers with respect and dignity, which made him famous amongst the followers.

Therefore all readers in the United States should focus on the qualities Martin Luther King jr. had and take inspiration from him. One can, without hesitation, call him “The best leader.”


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