November 2023: List of Important National and International Days

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November’s second-to-last month features several significant holidays observed domestically and abroad. Questions about dates and events are asked in the General Knowledge/Awareness segment of several competitive exams administered by the UPSC, SSC, banking industries, and railway departments. For more information, the applicants should review all of the dates in November 2023 along with their significance. All the National and International Important days in November 2023 are listed below for the candidates’ convenience.

November 2023 important days

The list of Important dates for November 2023 is provided below. This table is provided for the convenience of applicants studying for any competitive exam.

All Saints Day

All Saints Day is commemorated annually on November 1 to honour all the saints. Christians view it as a chance to honour all saints and martyrs—known and unknown—from the course of Christian history. All Hallows’ Day and Hallowmas are other names for All Saints’ Day.

Day of Rajyotsava (Karnataka Formation Day)

Every year on November 1, Rajyotsava Day, also known as Karnataka Rajyotsava, Kannada Rajyotsava, Kannada Day, or Karnataka Day, is observed. South India’s Kannada-speaking regions were combined on November 1, 1956, to become the State of Karnataka.


This festival is observed in Kerala, and it is among the most well-known events that take place in India’s evergreen nation. Every year, the festivities begin on November 2.

World Tsunami Awareness Day

World Tsunami Day is marked on November 5 to raise awareness of the risks of tsunamis and the value of early warning systems in reducing the harm brought on by natural disasters. Many groups offer traditional knowledge about tsunamis to raise awareness among the public.

Death of Bhupen Hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika suddenly passed away in Mumbai on November 5, 2011. On this Day, we honour a distinguished poet, composer, singer, actor, journalist, author, and director. His conception took place on September 8, 1926.

International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
On November 5, 2001, the UN General Assembly declared that November 6 would observed annually as “International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.”

Infant Protection Day

Newborn Protection Day, observed annually on November 7, aims to increase public awareness of infant protection, promotion, and development. Infants will undoubtedly influence the course of our world’s future if they protected because they will be

National Cancer Awareness Day

Every year on November 7, India observes National Cancer Awareness Day to increase public awareness of life-threatening illnesses. The Day declared in September 2014 by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister. It is the anniversary of the birth of Nobel winner Marie Curie, whose study of radioactivity helped discover a cure for cancer.

Children’s Day

Children’s Day honours future leaders who will form the foundation of civilization. The nation of India observes it on November 14 in honour of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, also known as ChachaNehru, as one of the important dates for November 2023.

International Day for Tolerance

Every year on November 16, people worldwide mark the International Day for Tolerance to raise awareness of the consequences of intolerance. To commemorate this Day, various events held all across the world.

National Epilepsy Day (India)

Recurrent seizures due to epilepsy, a chronic brain illness, brought on by abrupt, excessive electrical discharges in the neurons. Every year on November 17, National Epilepsy Day marked in India to increase awareness of this condition and its treatment.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day marked globally on November 19 to recognise the contributions made by female entrepreneurs and to inspire more women to start their businesses. American author and television creator Wendy Diamond began to the Day.

World Children’s Day

The United Nations celebrates World Children’s Day, also known as Universal Children’s Day, on November 20 every year to safeguard and advance children’s rights and to raise awareness of the global problems that affect children.

World Television Day

Every year on November 21, World Television Day marked to honour the Day in 1996 when the inaugural World Television Forum convened. Instead of promoting television, the focus is on their part in media and communication as one of the important days in Nov.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Saturday, November 25, 2023, is the International Day to End Violence Against Women. The United Nations General Assembly created this Day in the year 1993. Violence against women defined as any form of conduct, including threats, that causes physical, sexual, or psychological injury or suffering to women.

Constitution Day of India

Sunday, November 26, 2023, is India’s Constitution Day. Every year on November 26, India celebrates Constitution Day, Law Day, and Samwidhan Divas. The Constituent Assembly approved the Indian Constitution on November 26, 1949. It stands as one of the important November 2023 dates.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On November 29, people worldwide mark International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People every year. By passing resolution 32/40 B in 1977, the General Assembly designated this Day the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The Assembly passed resolution 181 (II) regarding the division of Palestine on November 29, 1947.

FAQs about November month important days

What are some important dates in November 2023?

World Tsunami Day, World Kindness Day, Children’s Day in India, World Toilet Day, World Television Day, International Men’s Day, World Children’s Day, and more important dates in November 2023 exist.

What Day of the year is National Cancer Awareness Day?

On November 7, National Cancer Awareness Day held in honour of Marie Curie’s birthday anniversary.

Why do we observe Children’s Day on November 14?

Children’s Day observed on November 14 in commemoration of Pt. On the occasion of his birth, Jawaharlal Nehru honoured because he loved and respected by kids. It is one of the important dates of November 2023.

What purpose does World Diabetes Day serve?

The purpose of World Diabetes Day is to increase diabetes awareness so that individuals can learn about potential symptoms and personal risk reduction strategies.

What Special dates in November 2023Will Happen in India?

The Indian nation will celebrate Constitution Day, Students’ Day, and Children’s Day in November 2023. In the nation, these days observed on a broad scale. November also marks International Men’s Day, World Kindness Day, and other noteworthy Important days of November.

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