Hearing Aid Repairs vs. Replacement: Which Should You Choose For Your Hearing Device?


Hearing aids are small medical/electronic gadgets that are designed for hearing loss sufferers. These devices, which patients can wear in or behind their ear, help to improve and increase the quality of sounds and human speech, leaving them at higher loudness levels. Today, there are two different types of hearing aid supplies; over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription-based hearing aids

As with several different electronic gadgets, all hearing aid products have their problems. Your device can stop working, deliver low performance, break down, and many more. That said, if you’re currently experiencing any issue with your hearing device, one question you need to ask yourself is – should I go for a hearing aid repair or replacement solution? As you read further, you’ll find out all you should know about this hearing-related question.

Hearing aid repairs vs. replacements: consider these factors

Below are a few important factors worth considering when it comes to choosing between hearing aid repairs or replacement service:

1.    Age factor matters a lot

The age or lifespan of your hearing aids is one of the most important factors you certainly need to consider when deciding between replacement or repair. According to experts, most hearing aid supplies out there have an average lifespan of 3 years to 7 years. Some devices can even lasgore than 10 years, depending on their style, how their users handle them, and their design.

That said, here’s a burning question; do you feel your hearing aid is misbehaving because it’s pretty close to the end of its lifecycle? One way to know this is by checking the age of the device. If you have an aged device, we advise that you consider replacing it. Replacing an aged hearing aid is way more cost-effective than hearing aid repairs. The age factor will still make your device develop other issues over time. By replacing the device, you’ll be able to save a lot of money over time.

2.    Warranty

Hearing aids at Audiology Island or your preferred hearing aid stores, often come with a warranty. Undoubtedly, this warranty will never cover all problems with hearing aids. However, you can still rely on it to get many issues resolved.

  • First, you need to check and be sure your hearing device came with a warranty.
  • Next, check and be sure the warranty covers the particular issue you’re looking to resolve.

If the device’s warranty covers its current problem, then we advise that you go for the hearing aid repair solution. This option is way better than replacing the gadget for a new one. The only reason we’ll advise you to go for a replacement  solution is if the repair expert insists.

3.    How many times has your hearing gadget broken down in the past?

Does your hearing aid device often break down? If yes, this could be a clear warning sign you need to stop repairing the device and consider replacing it for a new product. However, if you’ve never experienced any issue in the past, going for a hearing aid repair solution is recommended at Audiology Island.

4.    Advice from your audiologist

You should never make the decision of going for hearing aid repair or replacement on your own. Instead, we advise that you speak to your audiologist regarding the current problem. You and your audiologist can always make the right decision on whether to repair or buy a new hearing device.

That said, below are a few reliable devices worth shopping for at Audiology Island today:

  1. This Signia Active hearing aid is a prescription-only device that packs an advanced technology and amazing features. This product features Signia Xperience, which delivers the highest sound quality. It also comes with automatic situation detection and enhanced speech-based technologies. All these offerings make it possible for Signia Active to help increase human speech quality and improve your overall life’s quality.
  2. Jabra Enhance Plus Earbuds are over-the-counter products you can also consider shopping for at Audiology Island. Specifically designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss, this product comes with cutting-edge medical-grade technology that helps to deliver high-quality sounds. You can visit Audiology Island’s hearing aid store today to learn more about how Jabra Enhance Plus Earbuds can meet your specific needs.

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